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How you work with us

A:Connect B:Identify C:Respond
  • Get in touch
  • What’s your creative project?
    Who is your audience?
    What is your timeline and budget?
  • React to our work
    Give us feedback
    Shape the final product

How we work for you

1:Research 2:Draft 3:Refine
  • We source material costs, conduct industry analysis and gather visual resources
  • We brainstorm, sketch and produce mock-ups for approval
  • We respond to your feedback and make alterations

About Us

ALL CAPS Design is a collaboration between
Toronto, ON and Halifax, NS graphic designers
Jonathan Rotsztain and Emily Davidson

Jonathan is a gardener, herbalist,
cartoonist, writer

Emily is a punk-rock feminist,
type-nerd, artist

  • Jonathan Rotsztain is a graphic designer with 8+ years experience. He earned his BA from the University of King’s College and Dalhousie University in Halifax and attended the George Brown College School of Design in Toronto. Following the completion of his MFA the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont, Jonathan is now based in Toronto.

  • Working as individual freelancers Emily and Jonathan joined forces in the Fall of 2011. Stronger together, they combine their complementary design, communications and artistic creativity to each and every labour of love. ALL CAPS Design are proud members of the Unifor Canadian Freelance Union.

  • Born under prairie skies Emily Davidson moved east to attend NSCAD University (BFA ’09). Emily was trained as a printmaker and came to graphic design through a love of letterpress printing. Emily's interest in typography took her to New York City where she studied at Cooper Union completing the Type@Cooper Condensed Program in 2012.

All Caps Services

  • Typography


    The art and technique of arranging type to illuminate language. As typography experts we use the vast array of type available to customize projects.
    USE FOR: Print media, branding, web

  • Layout


    We produce inviting materials that are easy to navigate and exciting to look at.
    USE FOR: Brochures, flyers, annual reports, posters, magazines, newspapers, stationery, book design

  • Branding


    We create strong identities that visually capture the essence of a brand.
    USE FOR: Wordmarks and logos

  • Print Production

    Print Production

    We are print production experts. We’ll match you with the right printer and printing format, ensuring high quality within your budget.
    USE FOR: Print media

  • Infographics


    Infographics are visual representations of knowledge and data. We’ll present complex information quickly and clearly.
    USE FOR: Signs, maps, editorial

  • Illustration


    Communication drawing is only limited by imagination. In an illustration we can represent complex ideas in simple captivating ways.
    USE FOR: Editorial, print media, web, branding